Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Adel Fintech Incubator Unveils Crowdfund Using Nxt's Blockchain

Adel, a technology incubator for blockchain innovation, dedicated to what its founders from the Czech Republic assert will “deliver a resilient ecosystem for its community” with a mandate to evaluate start-ups, has announced its intention to embark on a month-long crowdfunding exercise from March 1 2017 through an Initial Coin [...]

People Moves: November 2016

Elizabeth Berman

Senior care company Hometeam named Elizabeth Schepp-Berman as chief people officer. Berman will oversee and expand the Hometeam HR department as well as shape hiring strategy for the company as it expands across the country. Berman will report directly to CEO and founder Josh Bruno.



Greg Cunningham

U.S. Bank has promoted Greg Cunningham to vice president of global inclusion and diversity. Cunningham joined U.S. Bank in September 2015 as vice president of customer engagement. Cunningham will direct all of the bank's diversity and inclusion activities.

Kelsey Martin

Alternative consumer finance company Bristlecone named Kelsey Martin as chief people officer. Martin will foster and nurture Bristlecone's ranch-style culture, oversee all HR processes, policies and procedures, and manage talent development. She will take on the role after serving two years as director of people and culture.


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The Connected Customer With Salesforce's Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar

Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar talks customer relationship management on The Modern Customer Podcast.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

For Asia And The World, The Time To Invest In Outer Space Infrastructure Is Now

Infrastructure investment is on the forefront of political agendas around the world. This spotlight must also now be lifted above us to outer space, where new space industries are building, extending, and connecting a space-based infrastructure to the planet as never before.

Walking A Fine Line: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Of Iranian Descent Set To Gather In Barcelona

The largest gathering of Iranian entrepreneurs broadens to include the diaspora.

South Korea's Online Banking System Is Stuck In 1996

South Korea's online banking infrastructure is a mutation of its own. Desktop users can only use PCs running Internet Explorer.

The Margin: Why you should quit all social media right now

Cal Newport is a millennial, a computer scientist, an author, a blogger and a Georgetown professor. Sounds like the kind of guy who'd also be out there tweeting and snapping with the rest of the selfie generation. But he definitely is not.